Roukan Circle

Hello everyone!
Here is the promised link to my new thing that I am involved in. Please feel free to pass it around, it is for any/everyone interested, or needing any kind of help.

A few things about it:

    ~The Roukan Circle is non-profit, any money received goes into buying any supplies needed to do the request/s that our clients have.

    ~We are small, only two people at the moment, so it may take some time for us to get to your request/s.

    ~We will ALWAYS be honest about if your request requires money, or if something added to the request/s may need to have a fee on it. Payment options will be discussed before we continue on with the request/s, and if for any reason you need to cancel, that also will be considered in the conversation.

     ~We are open-minded and an eclectic group, so you can come to us with ANYTHING, the conversations and information you give us is private between us and you. We do not give it out to third-parties, nor will we send you ads/spam emails.

    ~We follow the ‘Harm none, do what ye will’ policy on our request/s, if your request/s something else, we will talk to you about alternatives. We wish our clients to be safe and happy, even if the request/s doesn’t always reflect it.

~The request/s cover anything you may have in mind, questions, comments, help, spells, enchantments, healing, ect. We are planning to add more if you request/s are in a different category we don’t have yet, so no worries if you don’t see it on the list.

Our aim for the Circle is to give people a safe and understanding place to ask questions and have spells done. We know that several situations can happen that people either can’t or aren’t allowed to do that on their own. We can and it is a way we can give back to the world and the people in it.

Blessed Be,



I know that it has been awhile since the last time I was on here and wrote. Things have changed, and I’ve considered several different ways I could do this. In the end, I decided that I am still going to follow the Norse Pantheon(In fact, Loki tried to come back and I told him now was not a good time, maybe someday) and work with others (That includes you, Odin, though I have some bones to pick with you on how you did some things). Also, the coven that I was part of, disbanded for personal reasons and I am not upset about it, I actually had a feeling that it was coming down to this.  While the coven may no longer be around, I am going to be involved in something new, and once it is finalized I will be posting a link to it for anyone interested.

Since I am planning on following the Norse, I am going back into researching all the Deities that I know of. Here soon new posts will be out on the information and may be changed at any time if anything new comes about or if I get a message that the information I’ve gathered needs to be removed or stopped (I will let you know if something happens on the last two). I am also trying to find alternate ways for income so I may drop off the face of the earth once more when things start to get hectic once more.
I am still planning on having an Etsy Store, but it is also in the works, no idea on when it will be up and running quite yet.

Other than the weird dreams that I’ve been having the last two weeks, nothing new has happened~

Blessed Be!

Updates 2017

Hello all~ Yes I do indeed live!

Life, both in mundane and magickal, have been busy. I can not say much about the magickal, but what I can state is not… *moves hand in a wobbly movement* Not good, but not bad either to a degree.

First, there was a situation with Loki, one that has made me decide to personally split from him. I’m not upset to the point where I may never work with Him again, but right now I think I need to branch away. I’m planning on packing His stuff and keeping it in storage, either to eventually bring it out or pass it to someone.

Second, due to said situation with Loki, I had ended up getting a message from Lady Athena. It was surprising to say the least as I was sobbing pretty hard that I couldn’t hear very well. (I don’t cry often nor hard, so the fact that I was doing both was its own issue.) I’m slightly wary about it, and I’ve never felt a strong connection to any particular female Deity, so I’m planning on going slowly, not diving head-first like I kinda did with Loki.

Third, and final, I GOT A KINDLE! I’ve had it for a month now and I adore it. I can now carry as many as my books as I want, both mundane and other. Now my purse won’t bulge like I’m packing a armory and the whole kitchen in it!

Blessed Be~

Sacred Dissobedience 

Magick From Scratch

Deity: You seem to be in a good situation, with respect to your household. Which of your gods set you up?

Me: I… Actually you can’t credit my gods with this one. Every last one of them told me to stay away from him. I married him anyway. So that’s all me.

I got to thinking about where I’d be today if I had obeyed the gods on this issue.

I never would have finished college. I’d be living in a place isolated from any sort of suitable pagan community. I never would have learned Kabalah, or Ceremonial Magic. I would have been unable to bring those exegetical techniques to Hellenismos.

I would be struggling with poverty. I might not have access to suitable doctors to manage my health conditions. I would be in pain most of the time, and possibly not even know why.

A core tennant of Consent Culture…

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How I Ended Forced Possession in My Mediumship Group

Magick From Scratch

In my local area, the problem of spirits and powers foisting non-consensual slavery on people and individuals experiencing uninvited possession is pretty damn bad. I have been exposed to homes of practitioners who have had to ward their homes so strenuously that I couldn’t walk into them without getting a migraine.
I wanted a non-ward solution for a few reasons.
1. Ow ma head.
2. Warding creates a tolerance effect. Think about it like this: you don’t ward because you expect that the random spirits passing through are going to respect your group and your space. You ward because you believe you need wards to be safe. In a sort of pavlovian way, once you’ve been exposed to the idea of wards, you want to put them everywhere. You feel unsafe without them. Just as fast as your mind can concoct the imagined consequences of a lack of wards, the…

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How To Blót ? – The Basics

Whispers of Yggdrasil

In the past few years, I’ve been writing about the Norse Pagan Traditions, feasts, Blóts etc. and I realised that I have never wrote a post to help people starting their blóts or at least giving a brief notion of how it is done. Some people have already asked me how to make sacrifices and offerings and I have always helped them, giving to them the knowledge that I have about that subject, but never occur to me that I could actually write a post about it and maintain even more people informed.

In the Hávamál there are at least two lines that ask if one knows how to bid (pray) and how to sacrifice.
I understand that so many have still a lot of difficulty with this kind of practice, no one has ever born with all the knowledge about these things. It takes time. We live in a world…

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